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Jan. 6th, 2003

"time is like a bullet from behind"

Jan. 6th, 2003

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From this point forward my journal is going to be friends and private only. If you would like to read any of my usually boring or macabre entries please let me know. I don't promise to entertain or be very sociable, but I will try. I've met some wonderful peeps on/thru LJ so I am open-minded to openly sharing my thoughts & life, just going more cautiously now. Thanks!

Nov. 11th, 2002

Saul Occupation10
With the number of tornado reports for the period Sat afternoon through Monday morning now approaching 100, it is worth pointing out that while this is certainly one of the greatest November outbreaks on record, tornado outbreaks during Autumn are far from a rarity. In fact, a second tornado-maxima occurs during the season.

As is the case during Spring, cold and drier air from the north begins clashing again with the warmer, moist air from the Gulf. Sometimes, as was the case this past weekend, a particularly strong jet stream also enhances thunderstorm activity during various times of the year. The current El Nino is being fingered out for a possible reason why the jet stream across the country was so powerful this past week. (Recall the hurricane force winds in California Thursday & Friday).

Currently there are roughly three dozen confirmed fatalities and many people are still missing and concern is rising that at least some of them may not be found alive. To illustrate, with clarion, the impact of this past weekend's explosion of nature's fury, consider that the oft-referred to super-outbreak of May 3, 1999, claimed forty-six lives.

Nov. 10th, 2002

Saul Occupation10
Off the charts Tornado, Wind & Hail outlooks next two or three days in eastern mid-west and mid-atlantic regions. This is a particularly dangerous set-up.

You can check out official guidance forecasts here:

Rummying up the press.. Star Wars Style

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"These are not the questions you are looking for.
This effort has nothing to do with American imperialism. Move along."

Nov. 4th, 2002


NEW ORLEANS -- People here saw water in ponds, bayous and pools slosh about from what geophysicists say was caused by the awesome power of an earthquake in Alaska Sunday, more than 3,000 miles away.

Full article here:

Nov. 3rd, 2002

Our tax dollars at work --- (fighting the terrorist threat, obviously):

Doesn't this ad beat all!

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That's got to be outselling the local Bikini Car Wash!

Comic Relief

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So laddie, we want to be a journalist, do we?


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